Employer Sponsored Direct Primary Care

The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) has caused insurance premiums to skyrocket at alarming rates. In fact, according to a recent Bloomberg study, costs have risen nearly 300% and are projected to continue to go up. This burdensome cost has left many small and medium sized employers with no choice but to no longer offer their employees’ health coverage. Of course this tough decision still requires the employer to pay a substantial year end fine. It’s truly a no win situation.

If your business is faced with this situation, Peak Performance Medical can help! Through our Direct Primary Care Membership and Health-Cost Sharing partners, Peak Performance Medical can offer your company an affordable alternative to sky-rocketing insurance policies. We offer assurance, not insurance. In other words, we are available to offer both Well Care and Sick Care when your employee needs us!

In exchange for a low monthly membership fee, your employees and their families, have access to primary and urgent care services on their schedule and without having to pay a costly per-visit co-pay. With this membership, if your employee sustains a minor injury while on the job, instead of having to go to an ER, they simply come to our office; where they can be treated right away, at no additional cost. The membership fee can be paid entirely by the employer, the employee (pre-tax), or split.

In addition to traditional office visits, your employees will have access to our providers via secure HIPAA compliant: email, video conferencing and text messaging. In addition, twice a year we will set up an on-site health fair and preventative screening clinic. We use these clinics to educate your employees about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

For an additional fee, our Health-Cost Sharing partners will offer prescription drug and hospitalization coverage to your employees. This coverage would only be needed when/if your employee suffers a catastrophic health event. On average this coverage is 40% less than traditional health insurance. We realize, however, that this might not be the right fit for all employers. If that is the case with your company, employee Direct Primary Care memberships are still available as part of an Individual Health Insurance Reimbursement Plan. Under this plan you would give your employees a monthly, pre-tax, healthcare allowance. The employee could then use the allowance to purchase a Direct Primary Care Membership, obtain traditional insurance from the Healthcare Marketplace, or even purchase a Health Cost-Sharing Plan. This type of plan is authorized under the ACA and if set up correctly can alleviate your company’s health insurance responsibilities. Peak Performance and our corporate partners can help you establish this plan.

Employer Membership Benefits:
  • Annual DOT Physicals Included
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Insurance
  • Discounted Employee Drug Screening Services
  • On Site Health and Wellness Fair for Employees
  • Basic Work Related Injury Care at No Additional Charge
  • Improved Employee Missed Work Due to Illness as a Result of Rapid Access to a HealthCare Provider
  • Improved Employee Morale Because of Discounted Health and Wellness Services
Employee Membership Benefits:
  • A personalized Membership Card with Employer and Employee Name listed.
  • Membership Available to Employee and Their Entire Family.
  • Work Related Injury Care.
  • Wellness,Primary, and Urgent Care Services.
  • Chronic Condition Management (if applicable).
  • Specialist Care Coordination.
  • Access to In-House Diagnostics Testing.
  • Access to Wholesale Pricing on Prescription Drugs and Laboratory Testing.
  • Discounts at Participating Businesses that Promote Health & Wellness.
  • Discounted Access to Peak Performance Plus Services.
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Employer Sponsored Direct Primary Care
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