Are You Enjoying the Full Benefits of Your Membership?

By now you know that your Peak Performance Medical Direct Primary Care Membership entitles you to healthcare on YOUR schedule.

But are you taking advantage of all of the other benefits of your membership?

As a Member you are entitled to receive valuable discounts at local businesses that promote health and wellness. To take advantage of these discounts just present your membership card at checkout. It’s that simple. For a full list of participating businesses, please contact our office today.

In addition to this, as a member you receive preferred pricing on our Peak Performance Plus services.This results in a savings of at least 30%. For more information, about the available services, visit the Peak Performance Plus section of this web site, or contact our office.

Your membership also gives you access to valuable savings when using our partner Health-Cost Sharing companies. These plans, which are Affordable Care Act Compliant, provide you with catastrophic health coverage at a reasonable price. To receive a side by side comparison of each of the plans offered by our partner companies, please contact our office today.

Is Your Contact Information Up To Date?

If you have recently moved or updated your phone number/email address, please be sure to contact our office and let us know. You can also update your information by completing the form below or emailing us at

Be Sure to Check Your Email

In addition to our monthly newsletter, we send all of our member’s information about what is happening with our practice and newly added benefits. We know you are busy, but receiving and reviewing this information is vital to ensuring that you are receiving the full benefits of your membership.

Contact Member Services

If you have a question or concern about your membership, or need to update your contact information, please contact our member services team today. You can do so by completing the form below, calling our office, or sending an email to:


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